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Ronnie and Jody Morneault have been in the fashion industry their entire lives. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and an unbeatable track record of discovering the next "big" trend before it happens! The best part is, they are both in the store every single day and are ready and willing to help!

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The House of Dormeuil places its philosophy of social and environmental involvement firmly in the limelight. Dormeuil promotes a special ethical approach to protect the planet, to respect human and animal rights, fair trade practices, and to combine preserved ancestral knowledge with technology development.

Dormeuil directly controls the source and quality of wool used in their fabrics, fostering the principles of sustainable growth and contributing to its promotion.

Dormeuil has great respect for the planet, striving for harmony between mankind, the animal world and the environment.

We believe that the Great Adventure involved in creating fabric can succeed only when nature is in equilibrium. Stop by Morneault's Stackpole Moore Tryon in Hartford for your own custom Dormeuil fitting.