Majestic Filatures

       Is an industrial fabric mill and we spin yarn into fabrics that are luxurious, lush and comfortable to wear. Majestic Filatures produces fabric for 170 of the world’s premium brands, including the finest European designers. Majestic Filatures is the house brand of the fabric mill, essentially providing our customers with designer fabric at a much more appealing price.

      From artisanal hand dyeing, stone washing, vintage stripes and distressed antique washes, Majestic Filatures strives to provide our customers with the highest level of quality at a price that only a vertically integrated manufacturer can offer.

      Majestic Filatures is known primarily for its incredibly luxurious fabric blends. Our classic Viscose/Elasthane basic fabric has an indescribably “yummy” feel and is always the staple in any Majestic Filatures customer’s closet. As the perfect layering piece, our Viscose/Elasthane styles will surely win you over at the first touch.  This blend, referenced as ‘soft touch’ is available all year round and comes in up to 16 colors each season, whether it be basic or fashion hues that are always right on trend.