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This beautiful camouflage sport jacket will really have you blending in. All jokes aside, this heaver weighted, rustic piece has the perfect amount of function and pop to become a staple in your fall wardrobe.

55% polyester.

30% rayon.

10% nylon.

5% elastane.

Flap pockets.


Lining in the breast pocket is the same as the lining in the jacket, allowing for use as a pocket square.

Soft, natural shoulder. 

7 Downie St. Shipping Information

Like all of our vendors, 7 Downie St. is a specialty vendor. This means that there can be delays in shipping if the vendor has a production delay. If you are concerned about receiving your item by a certain date is always best to call the store at (860) 522-0181

Lleif - 7 Downie St.®