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Arete Cuff Hematite

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The Arete Cuff is a flexible wide beaded cuff that flows like luxurious fabric.  The name comes from a Greek word that means excellence and virtue, and is intended to inspire you to reach your fullest potential.   Portomea jewelry is designed and produced in the US by Julia Pappas. About 2.5 inches wide, adjustable string closure. 

  • Glass micro beads, stitched together by hand, one glass bead at a time
  • 2 colors, Copper, Hematite
  • 3 sizes Small, Medium, Large
  • Small up to 6.5" long
  • Medium 7" long
  • Large 7.5" long
Arete Cuff HematiteArete Cuff HematiteArete Cuff Hematite